Save Daptone

update: March 7th, 2009

Save Daptone

Hello neighbors and soul revivers,

SaveDaptone's neighborhood "bar tab" is officially closing -- after a few weeks of "drinking," it's time to turn the lights on and head home (or to your local record store...hint hint). If you were so kind as to put up a button, please take a minute to take it down. We don't want to have to refund someone FOUR dollars now that we've closed donations... I'm sure you can imagine - it would make us feel pretty silly.

The SaveDaptone site will very soon be updated with all the details on where your drinks went, how they got there and what they'll turn into. For more updates, there's always twitter!

You've helped one of America's neighborhood record labels heal a little. Yes, there will be other neighbors who'll need to lean on you, but hey, this was an ok place to start. Besides, you're good for it.

We thought that $4 times a whole community of soul enthusiasts could help...and you did.
$4 at a time.
And that is cool.
So, what's the total??

Our neighborhood bought Daptone 375 drinks!

(Here, do the math! )

Tell your friends and neighbors, whether they bought Daptone a drink here, a ticket to a show, a tshirt, or a 45 from the label, & even if they're just generally good friends and neighbors like you - Thanks from SaveDaptone.

Seriously, THANK YOU.

This has been pretty cool to witness.

See you on the dance floor!

"There's only one rule that I know of, babies
God damn it, you've got to be kind."
-kurt vonnegut

But what are the people saying?
See what your friends and neighbors are saying about
Blogs, twitters, emails - its as *though* we googled it for you!

Additional reading and a fuller list of stolen items here:
2.23.2009 note from Neal Sugarman and Gabe Roth. Read it.

Drop us a line (and by line we mean email) if you want to say hi or have any questions at all.

We'll put the most recent updates on twitter,
so check our them out at

Now, get on over to Daptone Records and pick up some vinyl!

AWESOME background image (c) thanks to : rigilbert