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Other Mentions:

  • From Can't Slow Down:
    "I figured the least I can do is help to spread the word about how you can help Save Daptone."
  • some links from from roggenrohl.wg : that's in Oldenburg, Germany! But he's still our neighbor.
  • From Soul-Sides (where we first found out aout the robbery!
    "There's been a huge outpouring of support for Daptone Studios after news broke about them getting robbed. Someone started up a cool site where you can help support Daptone with the cost of a drink (and a pretty cheap drink at that!) And the other way to support: buy their music!"
  • From Light in the Attic Records:
    "Times are tough in this country of ours. Economic recession is rearing its ugly head and people are really struggling to get by. Today, Intern Ralph had to sell half of his “potato chips that look like celebrities” collections just so he could have enough money to buy a can of white beans for lunch. Times are most certainly tough.

    On a serious note though, Daptone Records, one of the great labels operating right now, had their offices/studios broken in to last week, and a whole ton of their gear and assorted goods were foisted. We couldn’t feel worse for the good people of Daptone Records so we wanted to make sure you, and all your friends knew that you can help this assortment of talented musicians get back on their feet.

    Head on over to this website, and you can throw a few dollars (four dollars) in to helping Daptone not only get new gear, but quite possibly find the f****** (ed note: !) who stole their original. Seriously, it’s only four dollars, don’t buy your precious daily bag of beef jerkey today and throw a wad of cash at a good cause."
  • From The Gothamist:
    "As of last Friday, the studio was back up and running, however, with loaner equipment, as well as the mixing board and eight-track reel-to-reel left behind by the thieves. And though Roth declared to the Times, “we are not taking any money or any donations or doing any benefits or fund-raisers,” there is a Save Daptone site set up and taking donations.(ed note: that's because Daptone didn't set this up, the neighbors did. $4 at a time. Just keep checking back for updates, it'll all make sense.)"
  • From The Brooklyn Vegan (hello again!):
    " has collected 310 $4.00 donations so far.

    Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens' new full-length record, What Have You Done, My Brother?, will be released by Daptone Records on May 26, 2009."(ed note: The part about Naomi isn't too relevant, but now that the tab's closed, y'all should probably grab that album now that you know when you can. B/c it will be amazing.)
  • From Earache! The Austin Chronicle's music blog:
    "Would you buy Sharon Jones a drink if the soul sister were sitting next to you at the bar? Of course you would, and so would nearly 200 fans who chipped in the price of a pint (depending on your zip code) to help Daptone Records recoup losses after burglars looted their Brooklyn recording studio for about $20,000 worth of equipment."
  • From The Click Heard Round the World:
    "In related news, I've found out about a website collecting donations for Daptone called "". So if you really would like to make a contribution, you might want to head toward that website."

And now for some random comments! Meet your neighbors!

  • "I've bought you a few drinks..i hope it Sharon and everyone...please don't die!!!"

  • "very very good thing!! I also want to push this donation action. ...I'll pass it 'round here in Germany so that we all together can help them out." ...from Cologne, Germany.

  • "You guys are in my thoughts and prayers! It'll all work out in the end. Keep the soul alive." word!

  • just paypal'd you some cash. it'll all work out! keep killin' it!

  • so sorry about what happened. let us know what we can do...we're always good for drinks!

  • This one's on me. Hope you got to Dappify Rod Stewart.

  • I love what y'all do. Sorry to hear about the drama. Hope the drinks help.

  • Bought you some drinks today. I hope that helps. Keep on keepin' on.

  • C'mon, I've been a fan of Gabe Roth since Music Theory Class 1994!

  • I just chipped in $5 (a drink + tax!), and I just wanted to say thanks for not only getting the word out, but helping save what became one of my favorite sources of music when I stumbled across the Daptone Sampler on Amazon a couple months back.

  • I love what you're doing for Daptone. Great idea, great simple site.

  • Sounds good, thanks for doing this.

  • go on!!just sent ten dollars!
    go on Daptone !! go on soul music!!!

  • i sent you a drink. hope everyhing goes well and i hope for the solidarity of the funk- and soulscene.

  • I had my deli broken into when i was asleep in the basement after working all day,anyway i donated and put a link on the site, so the UK boys will do a bit to help

  • Are you joking. They should have got insurance. What kind of studio does not have insurance
    EDITORS NOTE (this was our reply) -
    Our site's about assurance not insurance.

  • my deepest condolences to you all. the bastards. you are an inspiration to the likes of us the world over. with any luck i and my merry band of Irish funksters will get ourselves together to the level necessary to play alongside you some day.lot's of love from Ireland.

  • allready bought a drink for daptone and i'll keep pushin' it around here in germany.

  • Nice idea.

  • We bought a round. Yes, I want the button! Long Live Daptone! (BTW about the robbery...karma is a b*tch...they will get what's comin') Cheers!

  • I just read about what happened and I feel terrible, I know how much that must suck.

  • I love and appreciate soul music and bought Daptone a drink.

  • Just bought a beer to help a stranger out... I don't know what I think about this but I feel like I helped

  • one of the finest little record labels in the world

  • was so bummed to thear about daptone, but look! a way to help! - one drink at a time :)

  • to celebrate Jeff Spicoli, er, Sean Penn's win, I just bought Daptone Records a drink. Now, a Flying Dog Ale for me

  • Just thought I would let you know, Daptone music is in rotation on my show on WWOZ New Orleans. Fri. nites 10pm c.s.t. Always get good response.

  • Bought the house drinks for the folks at Daptone - the free music I've enjoyed (Scion Mixtape, Daptone Radio Show, etc.) is worth more than that... Show some love!
  • Thanks for keeping real music alive.

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